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May 13, 2024

Every few years, some new design app comes out that tries to be the next all-in-one solution. Then I start seeing young go-getter designers using that new tool for everything.

The latest culprit is Figma. Sure, it can do a whole lot. It can make everything from web banners, to print, to products. And when everything is in one place, it's easy to organize, right?

Yeah! I mean, why give a painter four brushes when one will do the trick? A contractor shouldn't need a whole tool chest when a Swiss army knife has plenty of tools. You get my point.

Indesign offers more flexibility with type and print. Photoshop offers more brushes and retouching options. Illustrator provides the shape tool and more precise design options. Even Canva has its place. Asking your designers to use one tool and one tool only sets your studio back. They should master the complete set of tools and understand how they work together.

Use each tool for its intended purpose. Retouch your beautiful imagery in Photoshop, build your icons and logos in Illustrator, then bring it all together in Figma.

Provide your designers with the full tool set at every stage. And if organization is your worry, good discipline and file management is a skill as old as time.

No tool is or ever will be the one-stop solution in creativity. Master the entire arsenal and you'll be successful. Stop using Figma for everything.